City of Refuge & Retreat International Center

Our Story

EVANGELISM took us to Sierra Leone in February, 2013, where we ministered to the young men and women thrust into various degrees of vulnerability and moral deficiency, mainly as an after mart of that Nation’s recent Civil War!

They accepted the gospel of salvation and confessed Jesus as Lord! They needed to be relocated and rehabilitated from their location, which was at the Sea side, but there was no such facility available, and we were heavily burdened.

We just listed their names and brought them back to Nigeria for the purpose of possible follow-up and continuous intercession for God to please sustain and uphold them.

***It was in the course of such Intercessory prayers on a particular day, that the Holy Spirit clearly instructed that an International City of Refuge and Retreat Center, should be built, in Nigeria, specifically in a remote agrarian community of Irun-Akoko in Ondo State of Nigeria, where new converts who needed help, from Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and even Globally, could be rehabilitated, counseled,trained in vocational skills, groomed, mentored and go back to their societies to be of benefit.

The Spirit of God continuously assures us that “WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE” (Luke 18:27).



meet our board of trustees

This individuals with varying skills, experiences, and perspectives  collectively contribute to the organization's success. They are leaders in their respective fields, possessing knowledge and insights that are crucial for guiding the organization through challenges and opportunities.

Mrs. Caroline Oloketuyi(VisionaryChairperson)

Mrs. Caroline Oloketuyi

Visionary Chairperson

Mrs. Catherine Ogundele

Vice Chairperson

Dr. Mrs. Tolulope Ola


Mrs. Adeola Oloketuyi

Mrs. Oluwatoyin Amodu(Accouting)

Mrs. Oluwatoyin Amodu

Temitope Oloketuyi(Secretarial)

Miss. Temitope Oloketuyi

Mrs. Buogo Obi-Oloketuyi(Resources)

Mrs. Buogo Obi-Oloketuyi