Welcome to iCoRRIC

Research at the regional level has become recognized globally as the cornerstone of effective socio-economic development policies and programs. This is the official website for the International Consortium of Regional Research Institutes and Centers -- iCoRRIC.

iCoRRIC's members comprise an elite group of widely recognized organizations specializing in regional research research and application. Individuals affiliated with these organizations are among the most highly respected scholars and practitioners in the field.

  • Unify
    Provide ongoing research priorities for advancing regional research theory and methods.
    Assess current and potential contributions of regional research to scientific and public policy issues.
  • Facilitate
    Expand and strengthen regional research education at all levels.
    Provide an organizational infrastructure to foster collaborative interdisciplinary and inter-institutional regional research.
  • Serve
    Promote and foster regional research and analysis in support of societal needs in our modern global economy.